Assessment day

Our objective ranking exercise identifies the very best candidates to invite to assessment day. In order to do this objectively and fairly, we don't invite anyone through to assessment day until after the application deadline.

On the day you'll be assessed by a committed team of partners and associates, who don't see your application form before they conduct the interviews. This challenging and stimulating day involves two interviews:

Strengths-based Interview

This strengths-based interview is designed to understand both what energises and motivates you, as well as what you do well. This differs from traditional competency-based assessments which are focused more on what you can do or have done.

Ahead of your interview, there are a few simple things you can think about that will help you show the best of yourself on the day. You should think about:

  • What your friends and family know you for - how would they describe you to a stranger?
  • What you truly enjoy doing, and what you are like at your best.
  • The achievements you are proud of, and how you got there.
  • Activities (inside and outside of work) that you do not particularly enjoy, and why.

Case Study Interview

This interview will test your ability to think on your feet and solve complex problems. We'll give you 15 minutes to prepare and then deliver a presentation based on a business scenario. The interviewers will also ask you questions about your response. It's not a test of your legal knowledge and there's no right answer. Instead, it's your chance to demonstrate your commercial awareness and your ability to identify practical solutions.

Hints & Tips

  • It might be useful to read through your initial application before your interview to refresh your memory. But remember that the interviewers won't have seen your application form. It's important to create a strong narrative around your experiences and give them plenty of examples, so you don't miss anything out.
  • Be ready to explain your experiences from all areas of your life. Structure your thoughts and be prepared to expand on your points. Think about likely questions we might ask. Why do you want to work in law? Why this type of law firm in particular? If you're applying for a Vacation Scheme and aren't yet sure that law's the career for you, be prepared to explain why it's an area you're interested in.
  • Do your research. What deals are we currently working on? What could you expect from this role? Explore the corporate website. Look out for news stories about the firm, our clients, competitors and the sectors we work in. Liking our Facebook page will help you keep up to date with relevant news.
  • Be confident and enthusiastic in your interview and try to relax. We want to learn about you and your motivations, not catch you out. Your interviewers will give you every opportunity to demonstrate your abilities.
  • Ask questions. The interview's a two-way process, so use it to find out more about the firm. It's as much about you deciding if you want to work with us, as it is about us assessing you.

If you'd like any further assistance or a reasonable adjustment of the process at any stage, please email our Graduate Recruitment Team at or call them on 020 7006 4005.

Assessment Day

A CV blind assessment approach allows equal opportunities for all candidates, alleviates competitive pressure on the day and encourages candidates to be themselves. Here Laura walks through a typical assessment day and the types of interviews you will experience.