Training Contract Offer


We will always endeavour to let you know the outcome as quickly as possible, sometimes within 24 hours, although it can depend on when you're applying. We adhere to the AGR, AGCAS, Law Society, JLD code, which states that “employers may make Training Contract offers to individuals at any time after applications open, but the offer shall not expire before 15 September in the applicant's final year of undergraduate study, or four weeks from the date the offer is made (whichever is later).”

We do not, it must be noted, recruit on a rolling basis, but look at all applications after the closing date.

We know it takes time and effort to make a serious application and we do appreciate your interest in our firm. Every candidate matters to us and we hope that comes across in all your dealings with us.

Accepting the offer

If successful, you'll receive a Training Contract offer pack. This includes your offer letter and all the information you'll need to help make your decision. As per the AGR, AGCAS, Law Society, JLD code, we’ll give you four weeks from the offer date, or until 15 September (whichever is later) to think about your options.

Keeping in touch

Your integration into Clifford Chance starts as soon as you accept our offer. When we send you the offer, we'll also put you in touch with a ‘buddy'. This will be a current trainee who'll answer any further questions you may have. They'll give you advice and even take you out to lunch to give you a real view of what you can expect.

Your start date may seem a long way off, but we'll keep you up-to-date with developments at the firm. We'll also invite you to lectures, partner presentations and social events so you can start to develop a useful professional network. It's all part of the process to help you feel part of the firm as you approach the start of your Training Contract.