Your Online application

The application process shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a chance for you to show what you can offer Clifford Chance and to find out if we are the right firm for you. 

The process is rigorous and with good reason. We’ve designed it to be as fair as possible without compromising on standards. Screening of the application forms, and watching and reviewing the video interviews is handled with great professionalism and we consider each and every application carefully.

What are we looking for?

We hire high-calibre individuals who have the potential to become great lawyers. That said, we make a point of recruiting individuals from a wider range of backgrounds than is often the case in elite law firms. Wherever they come from, what makes them stand out is their exceptional intellect, inherent business sense and a challenging thinking style. 

You should also have a strong academic record, which to us means having 340 UCAS points at A Level (or equivalent) and obtaining or being on target for a 2:1 (or equivalent) degree result or higher. The subject of your degree however is not important.

During the 2016/17 cycle you can apply for only one scheme so check here to ensure that you are applying for the most appropriate opportunity for you. This does not include Open Days however, and we actively encourage attending an Open Day in order to strengthen your application. 

Hints & Tips

  • The application form is your chance to shine so think about how you can differentiate yourself from the thousands of other applicants. Include only the very best examples to illustrate your answers and make every word count.  
  • We're looking for people who are genuinely interested and motivated by a career in commercial law. You need to give us clear evidence of why you've chosen to apply to Clifford Chance and what skills you have that would make you a great lawyer. We receive a lot of strong applications but this is often undone by a lack of research and passion. 
  • Pay attention to detail. This is a key skill for a lawyer and we'll reject applications that are unclear or contain numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Double check your answers for errors and clarity and try to show your motivation for becoming a lawyer.
  • We require full details of your degree, including module scores for all years of study, even if they don't count towards your overall degree classification. If we ask you for further information, you'll need to return it to us within 24 hours of our request. Any delay will hold up your application.
  • We'll take any mitigating circumstances relating to your academic record into consideration only if they've been submitted and approved by your exam board or relevant body. Please give full details in the relevant section at the end of the application form. We'll ask for proof in writing from your exam board and verification by a third party such as your doctor or tutor. This information will usually need to be returned within 24 hours of our request. 

Our Complete Application process

Clifford Chance operates a fair application process and therefore does not recruit on a rolling basis; Laura explains the application process for each scheme and offers some hints and tips on how to submit a great application.